Two new Southpaw releases coming soon!

Useless Eaters - C’est Bon! LP

Seth Sutton clearly made a name for himself in 2011 releasing two critically acclaimed LP’s and a singles compilation LP featuring sold out 7”s from Goner, Goodbye Boozy, and Jay Reatard’s Shattered label to name a few. Seth has created a brand a punk that is hook heavy, angryand sleazy all at the same time that keeps us wanting more. The time is here for Sutton’s first release of 2012 and his 3rd LP “C’est Bon!”. On this release Sutton gets a little darker and treads into some new territory including some instrumental tracks that carry a slight Devo vibe as well as Sutton’s original KBD influences. C’est Bon! is out January 31st on Southpaw Records.
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Pamela - 7” EP
Pamela is brand new band from San Francisco featuring ex and current members of The Splinters, Wax Idols, and Wet illustrated. Their debut vinyl release features 3 songs of 90’s inspired rock/garage and reminds us why we loved that era of music so much. Pamela is coming January 31st on Southpaw Records.
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